3110-3301 Coleman fan relay

3110-3301 Coleman fan relay
3110-3301 Coleman fan relay
Part # 3110-3301
Coleman replacement fan motor relay. New style, perfect fit!

Terminals 1 & 3 are for 24v input. Terminals 5 and 6 are normally closed (NC) and terminals 2 and 4 are normally open (NO). When 24V is applied to terminals 1 and 3, terminals 5 & 6 will open while terminals 2 and 4 will close.

Replaces 3110-330. Also known as 9400-13Q139 and Packard PR380.

Technician Note: Don't get too caught-up with the terminology of SPDT (single pole double throw), SPST (single pole single throw), DPST (double pole single throw) and DPDT (double pole double throw). Rarely is the proper terminology assigned correctly to a relay. Sort of depends upon who's interpreting it when the relay is labeled. If any concerns, give us a call.

Our 2-minute video below shows how a simple relay works