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Ventline Range Hoods and Parts

PR51 Ventline range hood series
PC51 Ventline range hood series
PH Ventline series 12V RV range hood 20"
BV2215-20 Ventline sidewall fan
BVC0472-00 Ventline 7" range hood fan blade
BVA0311-02 Ventline range hood fan blade 7" CW hub bore 3/16"
BVA0312-00 Ventline bath fan blade 6.5" CW hub 3/16"
BCD0409-00 Ventline bath fan blade 7" CCW hub 3/16"
BCD0311-00 Ventline fan blade 5-5/8" CCW 3/16" hub
V0564-00 Ventline sidewall vent grill
BVD0278-00 Ventline 2-speed 100cfm rangehood motor
BVD0275-00 Ventline 1-speed range hood motor (NLA)
BVD0218-00 Ventline 12V replacement motor
NLA - BVC0468-01 Ventline motor 12V - NLA
CAO264-00 Ventline duct outlet
V2018-01 Ventline white range vent
V2018-02 Ventline light almond range vent
V2111-13 Ventline damper vent white
V2111-11 Ventline damper vent ivory
BCC0248-00 Ventline 8x8 filter with charcoal
BCC0246-00 Ventline 8x8 range hood grease filter
CA463-00 Ventline grease filter 9-1/2" x 8-9/16"
BV0199-02 Ventline white push button switch
BV0140-03 Ventline black push button switch
BCB0164-00 Ventline rotary range hood switch (NLA)BL0108-00 Ventline range hood rocker switch
CB0306-01 Ventline range hood knob (NLA)BCC0179-00 Ventline range hood light lens

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